Facial Waxing Bathurst


Facial Waxing


Only a small percentage of women are born with fuzz free faces, despite the media portraying this aesthetic as the norm. However, while we love owning what Mother Nature gave us, you might prefer a smoother and softer look.

How exactly does facial waxing work? A professional therapist will begin by heating up the wax. Then using a spatula or a similar tool they will spread it across the desired area for waxing. The therapist then lays a fabric strip on top of the wax and presses it down. At this point, the wax sticks to the hairs and is ripped away from the follicles in the opposite direction to hair growth. This sudden motion removes the hair directly from the root, thereby delaying regrowth.

Waxing is available for all facial hair, for both men and women. Beard waxing and Mustache waxing as well as just general fuzz waxing are ideal treatments.