Ultimate Brow Renovation Bathurst  

Ultimate Brow Renovation

Brow & Skin Renovation knows that perfect balance is the key to perfectly shaped brows. Through a detailed, personalised combination of shaping, tweezing, waxing and tinting, your brows will be crafted to achieve perfection.

For Kristy, creating a Designer Brow, or 'Designer Hedge' as she likes to refer to it, is an intimate process. Before working on a client, she undergoes a thorough consultation. Once she has explained each step of the Ultimate Brow Renovation, she is ready to transform your brows.


1 – Start growing out your eyebrows.

A 5-week grow-out is ideal to commence your brow renovation journey. This ensures that your renovation is precise and defined.


2 – Consultation with Brow Renovation Technician.  

Every consultation is tailored to the individual. The technician will discuss the ideal brow shape for your bone structure. In addition a customized brow tint or lightening treatment will be applied. The colour adjustment is to ensure that your eyebrows suit your hair colour and complexion.


3 - Maintenance routine  

At Brow & Skin Renovation we are always up-to-date with the ‘latest and greatest’ in eyebrow care. As every service is tailored to suit the individual, so is the after-care and home maintenance routine. Please see your Brow Renovation Technician for your personalised eyebrow maintenance routine.


4 – Join the family

Rebook your brow appointment before you leave. This will ensure that your brows will maintain the polish they deserve. Maintenance is key – remember that every Brow Renovation has a consultation, colour enhancement and a detailed designing process.


5- Enjoy having envy-inducing eyebrows!


Welcome to the brow renovation family!